Monday, May 2, 2011

C4T #3

Around the Moving Message: "The following video is an advertisement...but the message that precedes the ad is moving. Get Blog Updates via Emai..."

This Video is exactly what it says... When I first started to watch the video I don't know if it was the music or what but I immediately started to tear up and by the end of the brief video tears were coming out. It is exactly like the lady said I just changed the words but it meant the same.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final Project 16

This is our final project for EDM310. We did a collaboration on the different projects that we did throughout the semester.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Final PLN

I love using my PLN's... of course I didn't realize it was called a PLN until the first time I did my report on it. I use my everyday of my life. It helps me guide easier through my websites and the places I like to visit more than others. I will keep on using this because of how convenient it is.

Special Metaphor Assignment - Blog 14

I read the Tom Johnson assignment and thought I understood it was computers instead of pencils but maybe I misinterpreted it also... Oh well.

I think metaphors are great ways to express yourself and helps describe something more vivid then it might need to be.. Some people are larger than life and may be the only way they know how to talk.

I did not encounter any metaphors that I was aware of...

I think a great way to use it in the classroom would have the students draw a picture and see if the other students can guess what they are trying to say without writing the phrase. That would be interesting to see drawn out. I could only imagine what the phrase "Theres more than one way to skin a cat would look like.

Blog 13

Okay... so after reading the information on ACCESS I don't really know how I feel about it. Yes, having blended learning is a good idea for college students but high school students... I am a little on the fence about. College is something choose to do no one has to go to college so the option of having online courses is there for their own convenience. Having blended learning for high school students just gives them a chance to be lazy and not go to school. I think high school students need to be in the classroom and experience it. It would work if teachers used this as a tool to communicate to students who are absent or don't really understand the subject that was taught that day. They could other means of communication to help them. College students pay for the convenience high school students get it for free.... Just don't really know how I feel about it.

I have used ALEX for class projects and ideas for lesson plans. I think it is a great tool and should be used to fullest by anyone that has the access to it. We have all these great tools to use why not use them instead of racking our brains for ideas. We can use the website for an idea and maybe modify it for the classroom.


I enjoyed looking and discovering Mrs. Yollis's blog. I did not know there was so much technology and other items out there to use to help students gain knowledge. I am excited to go into the classroom using all the tools that I have learn to expand on in this class. Having a class blog is something very ideal for students. You can use it international or you can use it locally. Students able to connect with other students half way across the world just by blogging is so much easier than sending a letter in the mail and hoping for a response or guessing if they ever received it.


Gracie talked about her Bunny as a mascot and after reading that it never occurred to me to say my favorite stuffed animal as a child as a mascot. The more I think about it.... Using the word mascot is so much better because it represents who you are as a person and shares the qualities that you possess. It is rooting for your team and cheering you on.


I enjoyed reading your blog about Bunny... It made me smile and think about my childhood stuffed animals. I have a doll made out of a sock material with pink yarn hair and a dress. My great grandmother gave her to me when I was very young and I still have her and now have the one my great grandmother also had. They use to be in my room but now they are in a box until I get my own place and can display them again. Every time I think about them or look at them I am remembered of the times me and my great grandmother had. Hopefully my future daughter will inherit them from me and keep them around forever. I also have a blanket from when I was born that was given to me by a relative. It always good to keep things from your childhood for your future. Don't ever give Bunny away keep her forever and cherish the memories you have with her.
I am in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama keep on blogging.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog 12

I have been thinking about this one and nothing really came to mind except being truthfully. Maybe during the semester on the students blogs students could vocalize their opinion on how they are feeling during the system but in a tasteful way. Blogs are reflections of people they are not always sunshine and daisies. So why not let them express themselves. Just a thought....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Post 11

Little Kids.... Big Potential

I think the children in Ms. Cassidy's class are more inspired than most students because they look like they are getting more out of their time in a classroom. By using technology they have more advantages of discovering and exploring than classes that don't use technology. I would definitely use the technology in the classroom because not only is it handy but I use it in my everyday life. You just can't go out into the world and teach and not use something that everyone knows exist. Teaching from books is so 10 years ago and people need to get with the program and change their teaching ways and step it up and start using the programs and technology to their advantage.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project 14 - Teach Someone

I am teaching how someone can use the Wii for physical activity in a classroom. If the students are done with their work ..... also teachers can use this to get the students motivated

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

C4T #3

My blog I had to comment on was Dr. Strange. He talked about how the computer Watson was used to compete in Jeopardy and began to express his opinion on the comments students made on it. I left a comment and can't help but think how we are so reliable on technology these days. I can't imagine my life without my cellphone because of how the world is changing in good and bad ways. I somehow wonder how I manage to get an education without technology since students these days can't and really don't know how to function without technology.

The other blog I commented on for Dr. Strange talking about serendipity. Teaching in my opinion use to be someone talking in front of the class and you vigorously writing everything you possibly can in the allotted time that he/she talked about. Then try and memorize for the upcoming test and then once the test is over you will not be able to remember what you just had been taught. Teaching has changed because they use visual arts like smart-board and more interactivity videos, game, and other technique which helps students remember for hopefully ever.

Blog Post 10

After watching the video of Dan Brown and reading the blog post by Morgan Bayda. I agree with what Dan Brown said teachers just stand their at the head of the class and just talk or lecture that is so Boring and you don't remember anything after you leave. I think teachers should want you to take what you get out of the class. Before coming to South Alabama I could honestly say I could not tell you what I have learned until now because of the way teachers have been teaching. But now that I have been here I have  remembered more of what I have been taught then I ever have in all my years of school.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

I think taking pencils home would be a good idea for students because they can explore and take advantage of the great tools that come along with it. Also they have some disadvantages of course because students who do not have those luxuries may not know how to handle something so delicately outside of school. Pencils and paper are important in anything students use now because they are everywhere and the more knowledge you have on them the better you are in the future.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

CK 4 & CK 6

My student is De'Vyne, and the only thing they posted was they were in Room 18. I can't wait to learn more about the students and their adventures.

I just watched a video where students from Japan came to the school Melville Int School. The students sang at an assembly in Japanese. They actually sounded pretty good and very nice harmonies. I think it is great students receive culture from all over the world and see how the other half live.

Blog 9

What I've Learned

It is a scary thought that in a few short years I will be teaching the youth of America and don't really know what to expect or walk into on that first day. Sure I am taking classes and will be taking future classes to prepare me but will I really be prepared for the first day of new career as a teacher. I don't think anyone is ever truely prepared, but you don't really have a choice you just have to take what you have learned and roll with it and hope you can be the best educator. Mr. Clung put into words what most teacher or future teachers are feeling and did it in away that lets you know you are not alone there are others out there that feel the same way.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project 12 - Skype Interview

I did my Skype Interview with my best friend from Biloxi, MS. Jacqueline Ruiz is currently a second grade teacher at Lyman Elementary. I interviewed her on her views on technology in the classroom.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog 8

Richard Miller: This is How we Dream Parts 1 and 2

At the beginning of the video it talks about how we do not have to leave our home to get research anything we want can be found on the internet. When we were younger we use to use paper and pen now we take a laptop everywhere and use them for everything. Technology has taken over our way of living and we depend on it to function. If people want to get together and have a conference they don't have to spend money anymore on plane tickets and hotels they can just all hop on a webcam at any location anytime and have a conference now. I believe as teachers we are going to use to computers for everything. We are no longer going to need pen and paper but use computers as the pen and paper. I think it has its advantages because if a student can not make it to class at least they may be able to login and watch and the class lecture for the day either live or at a later time. If a student didn't understand they could rewatch a lecture or subject they learned in class to help them better understand while doing homework and if you are going to be absent you can email youe homework and can not use lame excuses anymore.

The Chipper Series & EDM310 for Dummies

Okay so the Chipper Series.... not going to lie it made sense but I will never name my child Chipper after watching and hearing the video. The video did make a lot of good points about procrastination but this class is no joke... you have to commit your entire life to it. Speaking from experience this being my second time in the class I have taken this class more seriously this time around and have made more time for it. My load is not as crazy as it was last semester and I think that helps. I believe the advisors should forewarn students about this class and recommend them taking it by itself or with a easy class load.

I really wish they had a EDM310 for Dummies book that might make my life a little easier and help me understand this class a whole lot more. I thought I was computer and tech savy but this class made me realize I was not and makes me feel really dumb. If they had a book of some sort to relate to I bet students might feel a little more at ease. I know I know we are suppose to using the way of the future but a textbook may be the answer. Something to think about.

Learn to Change... Change to Learn

Watching the video it is obvious the teachers are aware how technology changes a students outlook on life. They are notice students using technology for social networking, chatting with Instant Messengers and using search engines. They can learn more through the internet than they can learn in a classroom. But a classroom also helps them use their social skills with working in groups face to face

The Secret Powers of Time

The video shows how the world really is instead of how it should be. We resist temptations and spontaneity instead we follow the rules and what is expected of us. Show the different ways we view the different times. The past, present and future are all different time zones and shows how they each how different paces and how they are all different and most are not the same. Everything is different in each culture.The video talks about how students don't have social skills because they would rather play video games and create a world in their mind that they want to be in, instead of being in the real world. They would rather be in a "video game" type world because they would rather live in a fantasy.

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Let's be honest if we could do things the way we want to then our jobs would probably be a little let stressful and little more fun. The videos says do something your way for one and see what happens instead of doing the "right way." A person able to have fun at their job is probably more likely to have way better creative ideas instead of dull boring by the book ideas. People would be more motivated to enjoy things in life if there was no stress on them I think.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Smart Board Presentation

After doing the Smart Board Presentation I still feel a little uneasy using the Smart Board. Being this was the first time I have every touched or used a Smart Board I know that I am not going to be a master of it. The Smart Board is going to take many years and even then I will still not be 100% on one. I did find the project challenging and fun at the same time. Teaching the lessons to other students you start to get a since of confidence be able to stand in front of people. I think as long as you the Smart Board as a teaching tool and create a lesson that the students understand and are able to learn from you should have no problems with them.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project 10 - PLN

I looked at the instructions for the PLN and watched the video by the 7th grader and as I was watching and then looked at Symbaloo and Netvibes, they all reminded me of my iGoogle I use all the time. My iGoogle has my email from gmail, my google docs shortcuts I use for EDM310. I also have my Safari set up to Show my Top Sites. I use this also to go quickly to my Blog page, EDM 310 Blog page, facebook, twitter, USA online and other websites I use religiously. It is all right there just a click away.

C4T #2

Brian Crosby - Life is Messy

The blog I commented on was about a mistake the US made with the Mars landing that was depicted on an episode of "The West Wing" He used a direct quote from the show:

“We have at our disposal a captive audience of school children. Some of them don’t go to the blackboard or raise their hand cause they think they’re going to be wrong. I think you should say to these kids, ‘You think you get it wrong sometimes, you should come down here and see how the big boys do it’. I think you should tell them you haven’t given up hope, and that it may turn up, but in the meantime, you want NASA to put its best people in the room, and you want them to start building Galileo VI. Some of them will laugh and most of them won’t care but for some they might honestly see that it’s about going to the blackboard and raising your hand.”

After I read this I thought of those times I was in a classroom and the teacher asked for volunteers to go to the board and no one moved. People are afraid to get up in front of people and answer incorrectly. I think making mistakes only makes you stronger. You learn from mistakes and that helps you advance in knowledge.Granted this mistake was a big one due to the fact they calculated a landing incorrectly but I bet the next time they try they will get it right.


I read two blogs by Brian Crosby about his upcoming 15 minute speech at the TEDxNYED. After reading both I of course had to click on the link and find out what exactly is the TEDxNYED. This conference is going to be in New York and will have people speaking about the future of education and what their perspective will be on it. He seems a little nervous talking about such a topic because maybe people don't have that perspective or he may change their minds and they might agree with his outlook on pedagogy. It could really go either way. The way technology is advancing everyday especially in education is just amazing. We go from chalkboard, to dry erase board to now smart board that incorporate projectors and a semi dry erase board affect all attached to a computer.

If you want to read a brief synopsis on the TEDxNYED click the following link:

Blog 7

As I was watching Randy Pausch "The Last Lecture" I began to think about my childhood dreams and notice that I really didn't do anything I wanted except move to another state. Randy lived out everyone of his dreams and made sure about it. The drive he had was very noticeable and he was always stepping up to the challenges and "brick walls" in his way. He did not let anything defeat him and he never gave up. He wanted to no pity for what was happening to him at the time and just really wanted to live life.

I was very jealous that he got to work for Disney because that is something I have always thought would be a neat job. I have always wanted to work at Disney and sort got a chance to for a brief moment. It was not a paying gig but the summer before my Senior year in high school the marching band was invited to march in the afternoon parade at Magic Kingdom. We got to go behind the scenes line up for the parade and march down Main Street with the Disney characters. That I guess you can say was my brief... very brief free work at Disney.

I throughly enjoyed watching the video and realized the other day when I was shopping at Target that he also had a book by the same name. I believe I am going to purchase it and find out more about him. He was full of life and had plenty of personality for an entire room and I think that is amazing.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

CK 1, 2, and 3

Boys v. Girls CK1
My student was Abi and the blog I commented on was her views on Boys v. Girls. She wants people to understand just because we are different genders why do boys seem to get treated better than girls. They don't give girls a chance to make a name for themselves in this world. We are always going to be inferior to boys and the male populations. When we are going up against a male in the job world same qualifications same everything who do you think they are going to hire.... probably the male. Why? No one really knows and doesn't want to answer that question. I enjoyed reading her post and glad that such young people are already aware of situations they may face in the future.

Smiling! CK2

The second blog I commented on was a short one about her love for smiling and the smiley face. It was short and brief but what I got out of the those few sentences was much better than anything. I think smiling is important and the best emotional phrase out there. If people are not smiling then they should be. There is nothing in their lives that could be so bad they can't smile.

Okay so I totally did the wrong student for the Second Comment because I did not realize you had to scroll to the right.

So I did not leave a comment on the right student instead I left a comment on my first student.

Cricket CK3

The student I commented Studamyer blogs with colorful and creative ways. The way he writes his blogs makes you want more and to understand more about him. He started writing a post on the game Cricket but did not finish it. The way it ended you wanted to know what happen next....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 9b - Timetoast Timelime

I did my Timetoast Instructional on the Lifespan of the most popular doll among little girls. Barbie!! I have been collecting Barbies since 1995 and collect The Holiday Barbies and several other Barbies. Barbie has been around for over 50 years and she is still kicking. She has had mand different careers and is still a strong independent woman.

Blog 6

The Networked Student

While watching the video I realized this is what the classroom is going to be like. Students are going to rely more on the web and internet then what they learn in a textbook or in a classroom. Because they can get so much more information through the internet than in a textbook. Being able to communicate with people halfway around the world on a subject they know about is probably better than any boring textbook in a classroom. Also being able to bookmark a website and sharing it with others helps you and gets your more resources through other people. Using networks will help students broaden their outlook on different subjects and may possible connect with people and create friendships and connections for other topics later on.

A 7th Grade Personal Learning Environment or PLN

As future teachers we need to be educated on how classroom and learning is changing because eventually the school systems will probably get rid of textbook all together and the only way to teach student is through the internet, podcast, and social bookmarking. Textbooks these days are so outdated and new information is being discovered everyday that textbook writers cannot keep up, so the solution to get rid of them and starting using the internet and all the wonderful tools is what is going to happen.

Smart Boards

I found another blog that points out the negative of Smart boards.
I don't really know how I feel about Smart Boards. Yes, they are neat and very technology savy but I went all through grade school and community college without really knowing what a Smart board was or how it worked. When I was in grade school the new fascinating items were the dry erase boards they replaced chalkboards. In school we used the overhead and other media tools that the Smart board was able to integrate into one piece of machinery. Last semester was the first time I had every had an encounter with the smart board. I have not yet worked on one so I can't really tell my personal opinion on them just yet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 9a - Timetoast Timelime

Blog 5

Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog

Listening the to 3rd grades talk about Rome was very interesting and very informative. The music in the background really set the mood for the podcast. The third graders were very throughly with the subjects from Rome to Caesar and Cleopatra. You can tell they practiced before they started recording and only stumbled a few times.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

Podcasting in the Classroom is very smart and convenient for students for example like in the video with the student who missed class she could go online and listen to the podcast and still be prepared when she returns back to school. If they use podcasting in the classroom then students don't have the excuse of not having the information. I think it is a really good idea to have podcast available to the students. Also if a student is doing homework and gets stuck they can listen to the podcast from class that day and may be able to better understand something they missed.

100 Ways to Use your Ipod to Learn and Study Better

I think using the Ipod for learning is great and then I think it isn't so great. I have an iTouch and I am one of those people who just use it for music because mine does not have an external speaker and I really don't want to use it for school. I know itunes has a lot of cool features that you can use for school items but I would rather use my computer. The only convenience of the ipod for school is if you are going on a trip you would have all your information on this and you can use it in a car by listening to whatever podcast you needed. I am a fan of technology but using a machine that small to see to read or look at would cause your eyesight to weaken in my opinion.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog 4

The iSchool Initiative

After watching the video I was thinking during the video not all parents are going to want to purchase these tool. Some parents can not even afford school supplies such as paper and pencil and have to receive donated items , are people going to donate the iTouch to those students that can not afford them. The concept is a good idea but eventually I do believe the world with come to that because more and more schools are going to online classes and getting the information from the online school.

The Lost Generation

The video is very eye opening in the fact that at first it focuses on the negative and the real aspects of what people are actually thinking and possibly saying. But then at the end there is a twist and it goes in reverse and becomes a positive outlook on life and one that you want to believe but don't really know what to expect.

Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir

When the video first started it absolutely gave me chills. I think the idea of doing a virutal choir is unique and different. Shows the world you don't have to be in one room to perform as a choir. Just by simply using a web cam you can enter a world within a world.

Teaching in the 21st Century

The video shows how technology is taking over the world. The answers are only a click away now instead of miles and miles away. Students I believe are self taught on how to use computers and search engines but I don't think they are really understanding what they are doing or how to use them. We as teachers must explain and help them understand how to use the resources to their benefit. Guide them and help them understand why some things are they way they are on the web and what to believe and what not to believe. Technology in class is the future and you have to embrace and be ready to incorporate that into your teaching or your students may become bored or zone out on you.